November 10

Why B2B needs Don Draper

Why B2B needs Don Draper - James Rostance & Richard Parsons

There’s a famous line of thinking which says that if you keep doing the same thing, you can’t expect different results.

Now the reason why I mention that is because there’s a school of thought which…
Now, don’t shoot the messenger... says that B2B marketing has become rather samey, (or to use proper English, homogeneous).

Never the less, if indeed everyone is taking a similar approach to marketing and B2B campaign creation then achieving separation of any degree is going to be tough to say the least.

So, identifying the problem is one thing, but as soon as you do, you need to find a solution.

And, without giving the game away entirely, that’s going to be for my guest to explain, but Don Draper really would have the answer, as well as a fine selection of drinks to discuss it over.

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James Rostance

James specialises in producing video case studies. He is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He founded Story Hero to provide a complete video case study production service.

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