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The 414 is for you as a B2B marketer to directly expand your professional knowledge and expertise every week so that you can perform better in your role and deliver even greater results for your company.

Live Show

Produced as a live show on LinkedIn Live and taking questions from viewers.

Global Guests

Stand out experts from across the world share their industry leading insights.

Video & Audio Podcast

Available as both a video podcast and an audio podcast.


Priceless Insights

Learning from the brightest stars in a wide range of different specialist areas means that you're able to gain a wholesome and an entirely up-to-date command of that subject.


Focused on You

We work closely with guests to make sure that you get REAL value from every episode.

Your time is valuable, which is why the focus is always on giving you everything you need to level-up your expertise in the shortest time possible.


What guests say

Gert Scholts B2B Sales Trainer


B2B Sales Coach

James coached me every step of the way when I appeared on the show. He had thought of every eventuality. 

During the pre production meeting he made me feel at ease so I could focus on my subject matter. He is a true professional.

Kevin Anderson - B2B Copywriter


B2B Copywriter

As soon I'm on camera, weird things happen in my brain. I get nervous and anxious. And, it's worse if it's live! 

But, the preparation, the questions and coaching that truly put me at ease. That, and the fact that James is thoroughly pleasant, professional and patient human.

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