June 27

Strategic TV Advertising For B2B Marketers

Connected TV , or CTV for short is how nearly the majority of us watch or consume television.

Previously, television advertising only really suited B2C brands.

But CTV offers advertisers the ability to target customers in a way which traditional linear broadcast television never could.

With online advertising becoming more crowded by the day, CTV offers the opportunity for more focused attention in a relatively uncluttered space.

So if you’re up for exploring new possibilities, you may well find that incorporating a television advertising campaign into your marketing mix might not sound as crazy as it previously would have.

This week with live from Sarisota, Florida with Hamid Qayyum!

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing video case studies. He is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He founded Story Hero to provide a complete video case study production service.

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