June 19

Marketing Taking The Lead To Drive Revenue Growth

Marketing when taught is skewed to very large companies such as IBM, Caterpillar and Oracle.

Revenue is generated by the entirety of the business, not just the top line of sales and marketing.

However, if marketers widen their field of view across the whole of the business you have the potential to identify any number of improvements which will result in improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues, reductions in cost as well as additional clear points of difference for you to market on.

This approach is not for everyone.

But if you’re up for a challenge and you’re keen to make a big difference for your company, then hold on to your seat as they say, because this week on the show we’ll give you everything you need to look for and spot the kind of opportunities which have massive and long lasting impact.

This week with Jose Palomino!

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing B2B marketing marketing videos.

He has a particular interest and focus on sales psychology, persuasion and influence techniques.

The art of direct response copywriting is another key area of interest and specialism, whilst his favourite topic area is the alignment of sales and marketing teams within B2B.

James is a three-time published author in video production and marketing, and he is the founder of WOW Video Production.

As presenter of the UK’s #1 B2B Marketing podcast, The 414, he has a unique understanding of the latest best practices and techniques.

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