December 6

The Importance of 'Always On' Within ABM

The Importance of 'Always On' Within ABM - james rostance & yvonne deegan

This week on THE 414 LIVE we’ll be discussing what Always On marketing activity actually means, why you would want to do it, and what you stand to gain.

I’ll be speaking with Yvonne Deegan who is an expert in conceptualising and implementing Always on Marketing as part of ABM strategy to connect with the full range of decision makers involved with a company’s purchasing decision.

Yvonne will cover in detail how this kind of approach stands to give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors, as well as how you can then stack the odds in your favour because little, if anything is left to chance.

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing video case studies. He is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He founded Story Hero to provide a complete video case study production service.

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