December 12

The Essential Guide To Voice Overs

The Essential Guide To Voice Overs - james rostance & darren altman

This week on The 414 LIVE we look into one of the most widely used, but often under appreciated tools at our disposal, and that is, voice overs.

Darren Altman is one of the country’s leading voice over artists, who will explain what you need to know in choosing the right voice over artist for your project or company, the difference it can make as well as what can go wrong.

Darren will also be able to give detailed insights for current voice over trends, how to critique potential artists and discussing some stellar examples where having the right voice over artist has defined entire campaigns and turned them into runaway successes.

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing video case studies. He is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He founded Story Hero to provide a complete video case study production service.

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