November 20

The 10 Hottest Psychology Concepts To Level-Up Your B2B Marketing

The 10 Hottest Psychology Concepts To Level-Up Your B2B Marketing - James Rostance & David Meade

If you have a solid understanding of psychology, influence and persuasion you’ll have a huge advantage over other marketers.

It’s a mixture of science and art, and when you put it to use you’re able to connect and engage with customers at a much higher level, and with much greater effect.

Make no mistake, if you are able to influence and persuade more effectively than your competitors, the customer will end up buying your product or service and will be ever more likely to stay with you as a loyal customer from then on.

Naturally, you’ll use these techniques ethically as they are powerful, and on the show today we’ll look into the 10 hottest psychology concepts right now for you to level-up your B2B marketing.

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing video case studies. He is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He founded Story Hero to provide a complete video case study production service.

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