April 17

Outgunning Competitors Who Have Much Bigger Budgets

Being smart with what resources you have can often lead you to victory, even when pitched against a much larger adversary.

Time and again, challenger brands and companies pull the rug from under industry giants.

It’s great to hear those stories, but what if you did exactly that?

What if you set about re-evaluating your resources and how you use them?

Specifically, we’re talking about your bringing your colleagues in to help.

They are as it would seem, very commonly an untapped resource with regard to how they could greatly assist in nurturing market qualified leads.

Creating and fostering relationships, building trust and and staying top of mind is a huge undertaking which you address on a daily basis.

But unless every employee is directly helping with that through their social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

This week on the show we’ll be looking into the possibilities to be had and what difference it can make to your company.

Also, how to have everyone in your company help nurture clients and play a significant part in the sales process, all with minimal effort.

Live from Toronto, Canada.... Jonathan Baldock

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About the author

James Rostance

James specialises in producing B2B marketing marketing videos.

He has a particular interest and focus on sales psychology, persuasion and influence techniques.

The art of direct response copywriting is another key area of interest and specialism, whilst his favourite topic area is the alignment of sales and marketing teams within B2B.

James is a three-time published author in video production and marketing, and he is the founder of WOW Video Production.

As presenter of the UK’s #1 B2B Marketing podcast, The 414, he has a unique understanding of the latest best practices and techniques.

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