Why You Should Be Focusing On Intent Marketing

Why You Should Be Focusing On Intent Marketing

As consumers we are all spending much more time online.

That’s also where your customers are, and that should be making it easier to connect with them.

But this is a double edged sword, because as a result of the fall out of the virus, not everyone is in market right now. And that highlights the need to be smart with your approach and targeting. The answer in which case could be Intent based marketing, which is all about targeting those who are showing signals that they are in market for your solutions.

So if you would like to laser focus your marketing and make every penny count in helping your company connect with qualified leads and convert them into customers, then you need to watch today’s show, on the The 414 LIVE.

Links & Info mentioned in the show:

Coronavirus affecting response rates

Tools to help with planning:

  • Understand intent levels with Google Trends
  • Find relevant content with Buzzsumo
  • Analyse keyword trends with Moz.
  • Analyse intent from your own data by looking in your marketing automation (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot etc), and your CRM (Salesforce etc)
  • Work with publishers to establish market intent like TechTarget and IDG
  • Speak with intent aggregators (IP targeting) like Cyance and Bombora.


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