The Power of Connecting Emotionally With Customers

This week on The 414 LIVE, we’re going to be looking into emotional effectiveness of B2B marketing.

There’s been a real shift in recent times for B2B marketers to engage with customers on a more emotional level, but whilst there is a select group of marketers who have mastered this, there are still a lot of others who struggle.

In fairness, it is quite a challenge to transform your company or brand into one which customers respond to, admire, and connect with.

However, it’s far from impossible, you just need to understand what’s involved. And that’s what we’ll be covering on the show today.


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James Rostance

James Rostance presents the UK’s #1 B2B Marketing podcast, The 414. The show is produced exclusively for LinkedIn Live which then re-distributed as a video and audio podcast. James previously worked for the BBC and is a three-time published author in video production and marketing. He is now a leading expert in LinkedIn Live and B2B Podcasting, consulting for companies to create, implement and manage their LinkedIn Live and Podcasting strategy. James is also CEO of WOW Video Production which specialises in producing B2B marketing videos.