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James Rostance

B2B Marketing

Video Production For B2B

James specialises in producing videos for B2B businesses to out market their competitors.

He is the creator of the process known as expert Expert Value Marketing®,  the process used by B2B marketers to attract clients at scale through social media.

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Sell Without Selling

Sell Without Selling will be James’ fourth published title.

It fuses his expertise in marketing and video production to deliver a powerful solution to the challenge of converting social media channels into successful B2B sales pipelines.

Due for release February 2020, it will be available from Amazon, Blackwell and Waterstones.

Sell Without Selling Book

Media Commentator

Broadcast News & Publications

As Director of one of the UK’s leading marketing video production companies, James provides professional comment on the media industry for broadcast news outlets, as well as print and online publications.

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Video Production

BBC, ITV, Independent

James has over 20 years of experience in the video production industry, including success as an accomplished broadcast television producer.

He trained at the BBC and later ITV, and he draws upon that experience in producing highly effective sales and marketing videos for corporate clients.

Video Producer

Official Website

James’ official website contains full details on his books, public speaking, and video production experience.

Connect with James through social media channels which are all listed on the site.

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