Why Misunderstanding Marcomms Is Bad For Business

Leaders in business all say that they support Marketing Communications, or Marcomms, but there’s a big problem in that a lot of people don’t truly understand exactly what Marcomms is.

Sure, they’ve got an idea, but that’s a long way off having an intricate understanding and appreciation of what it is, why it’s important, and how to make sure it’s done well.

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The Trifecta of B2B Lead Gen

Previously PR was just about generating awareness to help with lead gen.

But there’s been a significant shift in B2B PR in recent years which has really stepped up the game.

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Pioneering Customer Advocacy in B2B

Sky championed the art of annoying customers as well as making it nearly impossible to leave, so much so that it triggered an Ofcom investigation.

But in an ideal world, your customers shouldn’t be scrambling to get away from you and the government shouldn’t have to step in to let them escape!

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LinkedIn Insider Insights

Personas or customer avatars are the foundation of any successful marketing activity. But when was the last time you updated yours, who should be involved and what hidden benefits are there of doing it?

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