How To Develop A Marketing Strategy That Your Entire Company Supports And Believes In

How To Develop A Marketing Strategy That Your Entire Company Supports And Believes In

Fortune favours the brave, and the winners of B2B in the future, will be the companies led by marketers who have bold and clearly defined marketing campaigns, which their entire company understands, supports and believes in.

Playing it safe quarter to quarter, just to keep things ticking over is one of the most risky strategies to have right now, because you’re then at the mercy of your competitors, in the hope that they don’t come up with a longer term, bolder initiative and marketing plan.

So the aim of today’s episode is to give you a first class understanding of how you can develop a bigger bet, and a strategy which you can get buy in and support with, from across your company. It’s about thinking big, and the mechanics involved in getting the entire C suite and shareholders fully backing your plan.

It’s a bold promise for a show, but then it is our 50th episode, and the entire theme is about being bold. So if that sounds good, stay with us on The 414 LIVE.


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