The 414 Guest - Chris Cassell

Guest Application

If you have knowledge or value to share with professional B2B marketers and SME business owners then we’d love to hear from from you.

The show’s mission is to provide real educational value each and every week.

Which is why if you are able to help or educate our audience – we need to have you on the show!

There’s no cost involved in being featured, and we come to your place of business to film.

In producing the show we record it live with you at your office and James in the studio in Southampton.

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The 414 – Your Episode

The 414 is produced exclusively for B2B marketing professionals and SME business owners.

This is brief opportunity for us to understand what you could talk about before confirming a spot on the show.

Potential topics include:

– Thought leadership
– Industry insights
– New or interesting products
– Trends
– Technology
– Best practices
– Anything that would likely help B2B marketers do better at what they do
– Anything which B2B marketers would genuinely find interesting

We are totally up for covering products and services.
However, it has to be through an education perspective as this is to avoid it coming across as an advertorial.

It’s important to us that we help enhance and re-enforce your position and reputation as an expert within the industry, which is why we want to help and make sure we get the angle right for what you can talk on.

Many thanks in advance, if you have any questions please do give us a call: 0800 862 0515

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