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Insights & Wisdom From The

Greatest Minds In B2B Marketing

If you would like to expand and enhance your professional knowledge, The 414 is for you!

Every week we interview some of the greatest and most interesting minds in B2B marketing to learn of the latest best practices, thought leadership and ways for you to improve the results you deliver.

Show Highlights

True Industry Leaders

An incredibly varied selection of inspiring and highly knowledgable experts within the B2B marketing industry.

LinkedIn Live

Watch the show and take part in live Q&A as the show premieres each week exclusively on LinkedIn Live.

No Fluff or Filler

Your time is valuable which is why we carefully pre-produce the show to deliver high quality content without any filler.

High Production Values

Authentic social media content with the finesse of broadcast television, allowing you to immerse in learning.

Evolving The Show...

The 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast 2
The 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast 3
The 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast 1
The 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast 4

Right from the beginning we set out to deliver high quality educational content for B2B marketers.

And the show's name came from the optimal time for short form educational content: 4 minutes and 14 seconds.

So where the show originally was 4'14 every week, as we developed the show we evolved it into a longer duration.

The founding principles are still very much there, as is the core promise to for you to directly expand and enhance your professional knowledge with every episode, and without any fluff or filler.

New and improved, live every Thursday...

Live video provides a much richer opportunity to deliver high quality social content as well as being able to facilitate live Q&A.


It's because of this why we evolved the show to a live studio & remote guest format.

What guests are saying:

Gert Scholts

Industry leading B2B sales trainer...

"James coached me every step of the way when I appeared on the show. He had thought of every eventuality. 

During the pre production meeting he made me feel at ease so I could focus on my subject matter. He is a true professional."

GERT SCHOLTS  //  B2B Sales Coach

Kevin Anderson

Award winning B2B case study writer...

"As soon I'm on camera, weird things happen in my brain. I get nervous and anxious. And, it's worse if it's live! 

But, the preparation, the questions and coaching that truly put me at ease. That, and the fact that James is thoroughly pleasant, professional and patient human."

KEVIN ANDERSON  //  B2B Copywriter

Expand Your Knowledge Every Week

Staying on top of your game is an ongoing challenge, but this is where The 414 can help.

We put a lot of effort into choosing guests who have real value to share that you will directly be able to learn from. We also put a lot of effort into varying the content and getting creative with what is covered.

Every episode is tightly produced so that you always get value from watching or listening.

JAMES ROSTANCE  //  Presenter

In early 2018 I was frustrated at the lack of quality social media content for B2B marketers on LinkedIn.

Because I run a marketing video production company, I knew had all the tools and the team the help inspire a change.

So I set about developing a show that would help marketing professionals learn and make good use of their time on LinkedIn.

It's been a lot more work than I first thought, but it's been worth it and it's something which we're constantly evolving.

James Rostance

Try this...

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No Fluff or Filler Guarantee

Your time is valuable and you don't learn anything from small talk.

We carefully pre-produce every show using broadcast television production methods. This is why there is a strong central theme to every episode which cuts right to the good stuff without any fluff or filler.

James Rostance

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