The 414 – Episode 1 Announcement

We’ll be kicking off The 414 with a bang!…

Getting straight into the most exciting and revolutionary technological development:

AI & Machine Learning In Marketing.

Here is brief video which will tell you all about it.

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Video Transcription

If you’re in marketing and you haven’t already heard, The 414 is a new weekly interview series where I’ll be speaking with some of the greatest minds in marketing, covering everything from the latest in technology, concepts and techniques which our guests will be uniquely well placed to share with you.

For the first episode we’ll be getting straight into what is arguably the most exciting and revolutionary technological development right now, which is the practical use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in online marketing.

AI and machine learning will revolutionise how marketers approach work and ultimately deliver campaigns, and I will be speaking with one of the UK’s foremost experts in this field. He’s a man with 20 years experience in digital and publishing, who’s made a name for himself in the successful study of audiences, why people do things, and how they behave.

My guest will be Steve Masters the Services Director at Vertical Leap, and in addition to a concise introduction to the subject, he will be sharing some incredible examples of the potential that this new technology has to offer, as well as how you can be an early adopter of it.

The 414 is 4 minutes and 14 seconds long, which is the optimal time for learning and absorbing short form educational content.  If you would like to watch the show as soon as it’s released as well as subscribe to future weekly episodes, please click on the link below or visit

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